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Ephemeral Films: National Socialism in Austria (Parts 1+2)

Ephemere Filme: Nationalsozialismus in Austria (Teil 1+2)

Heads of project (Part 1): Ingo Zechner (LBIGG), Michael Loebenstein (National Film and Sound Archive, Canberra)
Head of project (Part 2): Ingo Zechner (LBIGG)
Cooperation partners: Austrian Film Museum (.FM), United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM)
Sponsor: Future Fund of the Republic of Austria, P11-0922 and P14-1645
Running time: 2011–2013 (Part 1), 2014–2016 (Part 2)

Among the goals of the project are the preservation, scientific exploration and analysis of a unique collection of "ephemeral" films on National Socialism in Austria. The group includes more than fifty films, largely unknown and in need of restoration, which relate to the rise of the NSDAP since 1932, Austria's "annexation" in 1938, the war period from 1941-42 as well as Jewish everyday life before the expulsion and the Holocaust. These documents - mostly amateur films, but also “Kulturfilme” and other types of sponsored films - derive from the collections of the Austrian Film Museum and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC. The two institutions have, in 2011, begun to intensify their collaboration in this field. During the course of the project, the preserved films will be contextualized and made accessible to a broader public in order to complement and correct a discourse which has been dominated to an extreme degree by the imagery of propaganda film.